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Mold Removal Los Angeles is an established group of mold removal specialists that will safely and successfully remove mold from your home or business. Mold is a common, yet serious problem that has been proven to cause negative health hazards resulting in respiratory conditions, allergies, and asthma attacks. Over time, humidity or moisture found on dampened surfaces such as plywood, dry walls, or carpet, will promote the mold to breed actively and spread. The specialists at Mold Removal Los Angeles will find the cause of the mold growth, and will employ effective methods in destroying the contamination, and removing the mold permanently. Please contact one of our representatives for more information and a free quote today!

Mold Removal

The best way to remove mold is to completely eliminate all traces of the fungal contamination. Although the use of biocide for example, will destroy the active mold colonies, the chemicals and proteins within the mold could remain and produce harmful threats in the future. To safeguard against future growth, Mold Removal Los Angeles will ensure that the mold is completely removed.

Mold Assessment

In order to remove mold in the most effective way, Mold Removal Los Angeles will carry out a thorough mold assessment to determine the type of clean up, and degree of remediation that is needed. The first phase of all mold clean up and remediation includes stopping the source of moisture causing the mold, and taking the proper steps towards physically removing the mold from all contaminated surfaces and areas.

Our group of specialists at Mold Removal Los Angeles will use the best and safest EPA approved methods of remediation, and will always safely remove the treated mold, after it has been evaluated for viability, and labeled as safe to discard.

Mold Removal Los Angeles recommends checking for and correcting all water leakage problems well advance, while also suggesting that direct sunlight and ventilation is key in preventing mold growth.

Mold Removal Guarantee

  • Mold Testing of Surfaces and Air.
  • Leak Detection and Moisture testing.
  • Mold mitgation and remediation.
  • Infrared thermography (thermal Imaging).
  • Professional, licensed and bonded technicians.
  • Leaking and bursting pipes.
  • Build up in places that gathers water like attics, basement and crawl spaces.
  • Weather related and natural disaster issues.

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